Powerhouse Business Services is committed to helping non-profit leaders make the world a better place through expert business services and support. We know your community impact is greatest with an effectively-managed non-profit organization and adequate funding. Our team of consultants brings a range of experience, from nonprofit growth to corporate boardrooms and successful startups, to provide highly-specialized expertise to your firm.

Nonprofit Strategy Solutions


Regardless of what stage your nonprofit organization is in, Powerhouse specializes in helping leadership understand your group’s unique mission and goals for service. With a well-defined nonprofit brand and clear success metrics, Powerhouse professionals specialize in helping nonprofit management and boards develop a highly-tactical plan of action for elevating your results. 

With a roadmap for success and understanding of how to best deliver results, nonprofits can achieve better results from grant applications, improved donor retention, and an efficiency that allows better utilization of funds. Both nonprofits that are in the ideation stages and organizations with decades of service can benefit from Powerhouse’s expert guidance in nonprofit branding, strategy, and related business services.

Grant Writing Solutions & Training


With an estimated $50 billion available in annually-awarded grant funds, your organization needs the well-written applications necessary to secure your financial future. Our advisors can help you navigate the availability at the local, state and national level. Private and corporate donations are on the rise, though competition between nonprofit organizations to secure these grants are also more competitive. 

Powerhouse’s experts have years of experience with writing successful grant applications, identifying the best opportunities for funding, and helping your organization develop sustainable plans to increase donors. Your nonprofit organization can access grant writing solutions, receive critical training on grant writing best practices, and work with our professionals to build a long-term, diversified plan for funding. 

Developing Leaders with Impact


The success of nonprofit organizations, much like for-profit firms, depends on the strength and knowledge of the leadership. Powerhouse offers training, guidance, and management solutions for former corporate executives making the transition into the nonprofit sector. Our training and advisory services also extend to your nonprofit’s current leadership team to help you identify opportunities, weaknesses, and critical skill gaps in your organization. 

Powerhouse is passionate about making the world a better place. We understand your goal is also to maximize your nonprofit’s impact on the community through better leadership, consistent funding, and a strong organizational strategy. Partnering with Powerhouse can help your firm elevate results, and build long-term momentum as an organization that makes a real difference.





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