Developing and maintaining a competitive advantage is challenging. In a world where business is increasingly global and driven by technology, today’s organizations must adapt and develop internal agility to compete. Powerhouse specializes in providing businesses with more than good advice: we help you identify challenges and opportunities for improvement, develop a tactical plan for action, and maintain momentum for sustained improvements over time.

Powerhouse offers a full range of services for organizations of all sizes to help address opportunities for improvement in strategy, operations, marketing, personnel and other areas of management. Our team of leading experts brings experience from the boardroom, startups and non-profits to help companies achieve their goal of sustained, fast-track growth.

Operational Solutions & Support


Smarter, more efficient business operations can support your organization’s objective of operating profitably so you can continue to provide the highest-quality service to your customers. 

Powerhouse takes a uniquely people-first approach to helping companies analyze and improve their operations and business processes. Our experts will work side by side with you to understand how you work and help you achieve new efficiencies, adopt new technologies, and develop new ways of working for better success.

  • Organizational Analysis
  • strategic business planning
  • Process Improvement
  • Performance Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Product Evaluation & Analysis
  • Business and Idea Concepting

Marketing & Branding


At Powerhouse, we know that customers are the source of your revenue. Our data-driven approach involves helping you understand customer insights to identify and refine your brand.

From helping you develop a product launch to drastic re-branding, Powerhouse’s experts have experience in navigating challenging issues organizations face today. Our tailored marketing solutions include everything you need to develop a highly competitive strategy, deliver great marketing tactics, and achieve growth targets.

  • Integrated Enterprise Plan
  • Strategic Campaign Planning
  • Product Launch Strategy
  • Branding Strategy
  • Advertisement Solutions
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Product Marketing Solutions

Training and Management


Your associates are your organization’s key to success. By helping you analyze your existing talent and define your employer brand, you can develop staff and take your talent to new heights.

In addition to recruitment strategy support, Powerhouse’s in-house experts specialize in helping you develop sustainable methods for training your associates in sales, customer service, communications, leadership and other core competencies to perform at new heights and improve business outcome. 

  • Culture & Change Management
  • Leadership Training
  • Communications Training
  • Customer Service Training
  • Sales Training
  • Public Speaking Training
  • Sexual Harassment Training

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