About Us

About Us

Who We Are

The Powerhouse Business Solutions team has successfully helped Fortune 500 companies achieve goals, managed massive technology projects, launched successful projects, raised funds for non-profits, and navigated intense organizational challenges. Our team is set apart by our unwavering commitment to success, a commitment we are proud to pass on to our clients.

The Powerhouse Approach: What Our Clients Expect

Our industry experts are results-focused, detailed-oriented and committed to client success. We help our clients assess their needs and build a detailed road map to achieving their growth goals. From the moment we form client relationships, we believe in helping our clients access the tools they need for momentum, whether they’re just launching a brand new startup, writing grants for their non-profit, or weathering a major change to their organization.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Powerhouse Business Solutions is a leading group of industry experts committed to helping businesses build, operate and achieve sustained growth

Our Mission

We specialize in helping businesses of all sizes, non-profits and entrepreneurs access the tools, resources and knowledge they need to develop a strong foundation for long-term success

Our Values

Our specialty is helping leaders convert vision into action and develop a sustainable approach to continued growth. We offer deep expertise, high-caliber service, and a wide range of resources for your organization. 

The secret of our success is in our people, who bring decades of experience in corporation, non-profit and startup settings to serve our clients. Our team is energetic and committed to challenging our clients to reach new heights. 

Our Team

We work hard for your success


Powerhouse Leadership

Powerhouse Business Solution’s leadership team includes some of the most highly experienced professionals, subject matter experts, and entrepreneurs in San Diego. Our backgrounds are varied; many of us began our careers in the corporate world and have since become successful entrepreneurs. Our experience as solutions providers isn’t purely academic; our leadership’s knowledge in organizational analysis and strategy, marketing, branding and training is the product of decades of first-hand experience and success.

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